Tax advisory services

Services referring to corporate income tax include solving of complex tax questions and assurance of regulatory compliance that is directly or indirectly connected with corporate income tax matters. Our services mostly include correct fulfilment of tax obligations and search for options for simplification of tax procedures or deduction of tax

Under Slovenian tax regulation a taxpayer shall provide and keep supporting transfer-pricing documentation with the information on related parties, business transactions with these entities and types of methods used to determine comparable market prices. A tax payer needs to verify, adjust and complete transfer pricing documentation in a form suitable

We offer following tax services in the area of VAT:

  • We follow Slovene and EU VAT regulation: Correct and consistent interpretation of relevant provisions of VAT regulation is at most important to keep the lowest level of tax exposure and to assure proper reporting and payment of VAT. However, constantly

International taxation includes business and financial transactions between Slovenia and other countries. Tax aspects are relevant in following cases:

  • Change of ownership in international companies;
  • Business restructuring of companies from different countries;
  • Mergers and acquisitions of companies with foreign shareholders;
  • Profit repatriations;
  • International company financing;
  • Licensing and using of intellectual

Our services in the field of labour legislation and personal taxes:

  • Tax and legal advisory in the field of labour legislation, including preparation of legal documentation;
  • Tax advisory with respect to employment and work of expatriates in Slovenia and Slovene employees appointed to work abroad. This area is particular of

Our services in field of tax inspections include following:

  • Preparation of writings in the course of a tax inspection;
  • Communication with tax authorities;
  • Client representation; 
  • Preparing of ordinary and extraordinary remedies.

When artistes and sportsmen perform abroad they pay income tax in two countries. Not only in their residence country on their world-wide income, but also in the country of performance. And although tax treaties have been concluded, double (or excessive) taxation very often occurs.

Our services also include services in field of:

  • Real estate transfer tax;
  • Inheritance tax and tax on gifts;
  • Motor vehicle tax;
  • Financial services tax.
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